5 things I can do for you as a realtor

(that you didn't know about)

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A good real estate agent has many hidden talents beyond assisting you in purchasing a home. We are eager to support you in the process of buying a house and even after that. From estimating the cost of a kitchen renovation to suggesting the best local activities in your community, a good agent can truly be helpful in many aspects. Here’s 5 things that I do for my clients as a realtor that most people have no idea I can do.

Connect you with other professionals

As a real estate agent, I regularly have to interact with various clients, vendors, and industry experts regularly. This extensive network means I likely know just the right person for any service you may need. From finding reliable housekeepers, appliance repair technicians, or landscaping companies, I can make useful recommendations. Being immersed in the real estate world enables me to assist newcomers to the area in their quest for reliable service providers.

Accurate Home Pricing

Instead of paying for a bank appraisal, I can assist you in obtaining a free competitive market analysis (CMA). This CMA evaluates recently sold properties using exclusive information from the multiple listing services (MLS), accessible only to agents. This way, sellers can get a good idea of their home’s worth without spending extra money. Unfortunately, those attempting to do a for-sale-by-owner won’t have access to this valuable resource.

Home Maintenance Tips

If you’ve been a renter for a long time and are new to homeownership, you may not be well-versed in preparing your home for seasonal weather changes. I can be a helpful resource, providing you with tips throughout the year on how to protect your property. Many first-time buyers overlook these essential aspects, making the reminders from their agents all the more valuable.

Rough Estimates for Renovations

Considering buying a fixer-upper? I can lend a hand by providing rough estimates for renovations and updates. Due to my experience, I know enough to point you in the right direction. Some of my clients often inquire about the costs of various improvements, from countertops to doors, and some may even seek advice on installing specialized features like a Tesla charging station.

Support for Out-of-State Moves

Moving from out-of-state? I’m here for you. You can trust that I want everything to go smoothly for you, and knowing you’re in good hands can be a reassuring feeling.

Build a strong relationship with your agent and reach out whenever you need assistance or have questions. Establishing trust and rapport is essential, and I will be thrilled to receive a text months after closing, seeking help with an issue like a malfunctioning water heater. I’m someone you can count on and rely upon throughout your homeownership journey.

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