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Helping people become homeowners


Helping families sell
with ease

Helping investors find/sell their next project

The right buyer can be
hard to find

If your house isn’t portrayed the best way possible

You only get low offers

The house sits for

You can’t move on with
your life

The right buyer for your house is out there, but you need someone to point him in the right direction

I help your house stand out
In the market

So you get a great offer and sell with ease

More money

I do the work so your house is one of the best choices for potential buyers, prompting them to submit great offers and sell for a greater profit.

Market insights

I make sure you have an accurate insight on the current market so we make decisions concerning the house that will bring the most offers for the best price.


You’ll be consistenlty hearing from me during every stage of the selling of your house. No such thing as a concern too small; I’ll be available to assist you 24/7

The extra mile

You can be sure I will go above and beyond to make sure the deal is smooth, the offers are good, and you are given peace of mind during the whole process.

Is selling your house complicated?

Not with the right realtor!

Listing the property and accepting the best offer

I will do a detailed market analysis to determine how we can get the best price for your house, and as buyers start showing interest, I will sort out the best options for you.

Navigate appraisal, inspection, and final negotiations

As buyers do their due diligence on the house, I make sure their feedback is accurate and I negotiate on your behalf the final details of the sell.

Closing day

We celebrate together as we close on the selling of your house!

I’d love to be your realtor too

"Flor was really helpful, attentive, and patient during the purchase of our first home. She was so good I worked with her again to buy a piece of land"
Soto Family
“It was thanks to Flor that our dream of owning a home came true. She never let us lose hope during the process. If you also dream of buying a house, she will make it happen”
Ayala Family
“We are so thankful that Flor has a heart willing to serve others. We pray God continues to bless her, so she can continue to help families like ours”
Obregon Family
“We couldn’t have chosen a better realtor! From the beginning, she took care of us until closing. She was the only agent who showed us she truly cared from day one”
Mendez Family

Let's add your picture to my gallery of closings

I love being part of a milestone

The journey of selling or buying a house is filled with emotions. You are not only talking about your biggest asset (in most cases), but houses often have sentimental value, memories, and hopes attached with them.

This is why I am deeply honored when a family decides to let me assist them. Not only are they getting my professional insight and advise to make a smart financial decision, but they are also letting me be part of a milestone in their life.

Helping a young family buy their first home, or helping someone sell their house to embark on their next journey, is exciting and fulfilling.

So feel free to reach out. Whether you need an agent for a house, or you are just getting started and need some guidance.

If there is any way I can help you, be sure I will

Frequently asked questions

Statistics from the St. Louis Federal Reserve show that homes spent an average 50 days on the market in September 2022. You’re looking at an average of just over three months from listing to closing.

There are several factors that affect how fast a house will sell. Amongst the most important is the asking price, the market, the processing time a lender takes, and how well the property is marketed. This is why I’ll make suggestions on things that can be improved on the property in order to sell faster. Also, I conduct a market analysis to suggest an asking price that will attract the right buyers quick. Although some factors are out of our control (such as the time it will take a lender to close), I will take into consideration the type of mortgage the buyer is using to purchase the home.

I will make sure your house is presented in the best way possible, starting with a great description of the property that highlights the amazing features of your house and great photos that make the property stand out from other listings. Also, I have cultivated a social media following that will give the property instant exposure, as well as a network of potential buyers that I’ve grown and will be notified when the property gets listed. Whether is through traditional marketing methods such as an open house, or through newer forms of marketing such as social media, you can be sure I will go the extra mile to find the right buyer.

I will usually come to the house and provide guidance on what needs to be done — and, more importantly, what doesn’t need to be done. Sometimes homeowners can waste time on things that aren’t necessary or won’t do anything to help speed up the sale. After we talk, you will have a clear picture of your options, timelines, strategies, and asking price.

Depending on the house, I can have it staged, photographed, and listed within 48 hours, but typically it’s a three- to five-day process.”

Although commissions paid to an agent are negotiable, the normal commission amount in our market is 3% for the listing agent.

Absolutely! I have worked with a variety of professionals that have helped me with other listings. Whether you need someone to do staging, pressure washing, painting, landscaping, photography, or any repairs in the house, I will find the right people to have a successful listing.